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Standard terms & conditions

1. Introduction

FQ Enterprises AS, with organization number 925 061 042, (hereinafter referred to as "we") has developed a digital queuing system with associated additional services that are available on (the "Services")

These terms govern our customers' use of our Services.

Our customers are normally shops, restaurants or service providers that want to use the Services to organize queues for their visitors (e.g. in shops, restaurants, pick-up points, etc.).

In these terms, our customers are referred to as "Customers" and the end-users who draw the queue label are referred to as "visitors".

These terms also apply to visitors to the extent they are applicable.

2. The Services

The Services are described on or in other information that is sent directly to the Customer.

The Services are available 24 hours a day, every day, but we reserve the right to close the service in whole or in part for a limited period to perform necessary maintenance, updating or technical changes.

3. Agreement and duration

The agreement is entered into by the Customer ordering the service on the website against advance payment.

The service will be available for the Customer when we have received payment.

4. Prices and payment

Unless the price is stated in the ordering procedure for the individual services, our current prices at the time of ordering will apply.

For ongoing subscription services, we will occasionally adjust the prices with effect from the time the subscription is renewed.

Unless otherwise stated when you order the Service, we will pass on the cost for services provided by third parties with a surcharge.

Our general payment terms will apply if we send invoice.  Interest will be added for delayed payment in accordance with the Norwegian Act on interest for delayed payment.

5. Administration and use of the Customer account

All Customers must create a Customer account and pay for the service before the service is used, except from free trial periods. The Customer account is linked to the e-mail address you provide when registering. Usernames and passwords must not be shared with unauthorized persons.

The Customer can manage its account at The Customer account will, among other things, contain information about purchase history and other information that is necessary for using the service. The Customer must make sure to update all information about its business.

We reserve the right to delete Customer accounts that are inactive.

We do not verify whether the person who establishes the Customer account for the company is authorized to enter into an agreement on behalf of the company, and the person who establishes the Customer account is responsible for paying for the services. The Customer's representatives are responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary authority to enter into agreements on behalf of companies that are to pay for the service.

6. Restriction in use – resale

The Services must not be used in any other way than described on our website. It is not permitted to resell the Services, except where this is specifically agreed.

7. Third party services and other terms

There are special conditions for the use of additional services (e.g. messaging services). Services provided by third parties (e.g. payment services and messaging services) are governed by the terms of the third party, even if these are invoiced by us. We are not responsible for the third party services.

The Customers own terms do not apply unless explicitly accepted by us in writing and clearly states which provisions in these terms are deviated from.

For some additional services, special conditions also apply, which are stated during the ordering procedure.

8. Limitation of liability

Our solution is intended to make the experience of standing in or managing a queue better for the visitors and our Customers. However, errors can occur – for instance because we continuously develop and update the solution in line with our customers' wishes and needs.

However, we do not undertake any liability for errors that occur, for example that the solution stops or errors occur with queue patches, etc.

We are not liable for any form of indirect loss (ie lost revenue, profit or the like) or claims from third parties. Our financial responsibility is in any case limited to the price of a one month subscription.

9. Intellectual property rights and grant of use

The Customer (including their employees) is granted a non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to use the Services that include software and other components made available at

All intellectual property rights in and to the Services or parts thereof vests with us and is not transferred to the Customer. The Customer shall not seek to decompile reverse-engineer or otherwise use the technology or the Services for any other purposes.

10. Personal data and data protection

We process personal information about the Customer and visitors to fulfill the purpose of the Agreement in line with our privacy statement and cookie statement which is available at

Upon entering into the Agreement, the Customer confirms that it has read and accepted our privacy policy.

11. Consent to the use of electronic communication

The agreement is entered into and/or amended by electronic communication and the Customer and visitors accepts that the conclusion of the agreement and information related to the implementation of the agreement and service information takes place in electronic form.

12. Cancellation and termination of the agreement

Prepaid subscriptions cannot be cancelled. The agreement is effective until the subscription period has ended or as long as the Customer has an active Customer account with us.

We may terminate the agreement in the event of a material breach of these terms. Non-payment or breach of the guidelines for using the Service is considered a material breach.

13. Transfer of the agreement

We are free to transfer our rights and obligations to third parties as long as it does not have unreasonable negative consequences for the Customer.

14. Choice of law and dispute resolution

The agreement is subject to and shall be interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law.

Any dispute that may arise as a result of the agreement shall be resolved amicably through negotiations. Disputes not resolved through negotiations may be brought before the Asker and Bærum District Court.

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