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Privacy Policy

1. Privacy policy

We process personal information when you visit our websites, use our services, or otherwise get in touch with us.

We process your personal information in order to provide services to entities and personal users in accordance with our terms. If you give your consent, we may also process your personal information for other purposes.

We care about your privcay and it is important to us that you feel confident that your personal information is processed in a responsible manner and in accordance with the relevant data protection laws.

This privacy policy explains how we collect personal data and how we use it. It also contains information about how we secure the personal data, who we share it with and your rights.

2. What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that can be linked to an individual, directly or indirectly, including name, postal address, e-mail address, IP address and mobile number.

3. Who is the data processor?

FQ Technologies AS (business registration number 925 061 042, Prestegårdsveien 5 C, 1369 Stabekk, Norge) is the data processor for the processing of the personal information we process in connection with the use of our websites and services, or when you contact us in any other way.

4. What kind of personal data do we process?

The personal data we process depends on what you give us, how you use the services, how we manage the services, what agreement we have entered into and what permissions you give us. It is voluntary to provide personal data. In some cases, however, we may need such information to deliver the services, contact you, etc.

For customers who enter into an agreement to use the queuing solution, we process information that is necessary to deliver and administer the service, invoice and receive payment for the services.

The personal data we collect may include:

  • Information about the customer representatives we receive to establish a user account, such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

  • Information we receive when you buy access to our service, such as; what you purchase, card number and payment method. If you have a user account, an overview of your previous purchases will be available.

  • Communication: Information you give us when you have contact with our customer center, such as emails sent between us.

  • Information we receive when you use our website and app, such as what kind of device you have (eg mobile or PC), IP address, which pages you visit and what functions you use there.

Use of queue service: When you use the queue service, the information you register as a first name or order ID will only be stored as long as it is necessary to complete the queue at the location.

Use of queuing solution and optional SMS notification: SMS will be effected by our SMS provider and your telephone number will only be stored for posting the transaction and any reversal of the transaction if an error has occurred.

5. What do we use personal data for?

We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Offer website and app: We use information to offer and adapt our website and app to the technical equipment you use. We may also use the information to adapt the content of our website and app to what we think you are interested in.

  • Create user account: If you create a user account, we use personal data to give you access with username and password, to store your contact information and payment information, and make your purchase history available.

  • Customer service: We store information that you provide and receive to provide service and manage your customer relationship.

  • Statistics: We compile statistics and map market trends to improve and further develop our products and services. As far as possible, we use non-personal data.

  • Marketing: We use your contact information (e.g. telephone number and e-mail address) to send you recommendations and information about our services and activities. We may use profiling information to make the recommendations and information as relevant to you as possible, unless you choose not to receive marketing information.

  • Marketing to customers: We use your contact information (e.g. telephone number) for marketing other services from us and our partners if you have given your consent.

Use of queue solution: Information is used to settle the queue with your registered information. If you have choose to receive an SMS or other type of personal message, your contact details (e.g. phone number) will be stored by the provider of communication services to send messages, billing and reversal of the transaction if an error has occurred.

6. How do we secure your personal information?

We have established routines and measures to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to your personal data and that all processing of the personal data takes place in accordance with current data protection laws.

The measures include, among other things, regular risk assessments, technical systems and physical procedures to ensure the security and integrity of the information and routines for verifying access and correction requests.

7. When do we delete personal information?

We store your personal data, only as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, or if we are required to store the information.

The information will be deleted or anonymised when it is no longer necessary to achieve the purpose. Below is an overview of how long we will normally store personal information:

  • User account holder information: If you have a user account with us, your information will be stored until the user account is deleted.

  • Purchase information: We store transactions and payment information for 5 years in accordance with accounting rules.

  • Information about use of the website: We store information about your use of our website as stated in the cookie policy.

  • Information from partners: We store any information from partners as long as you have an active user account with us or as long as you have consented. We will delete the information upon request.

  • Communication: We store communication with our customers for three years, which is related to purchases, unless we need to store it longer, e.g. in connection with complaints or claims.

  • Profiling information: If you have a user account with us, we will delete the information about previous purchases and use of the services upon request. We also reserve the right to delete information in the event of inactivity.

8. Who do we share personal information with?

We will share personal data with our technical subcontractors that operate our services and websites, or with public authorities where there is a statutory obligation to disclose personal data.

Our partners who provide services related to our services (e.g. messaging services or payment services) are independent data controllers with respect to the personal data they process to provide these services, even if the personal data is obtained from your use of our services.

Your personal data will not be shared with other third parties unless it is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations or if you have given your consent.

If we transfer personal data to third parties who are not themselves data controllers (but are data processors), we will enter into necessary agreements in line with current privacy legislation. If we use data processors located outside the EU / EEA, we do so only in those cases where

  • the location and/or the data processing are deemed to provide "adequate protection" in accordance with the rules laid down in the GDPR, or

  • the transfer takes place in accordance with standard contractual clauses defined by the European Commission to regulate such transfers in accordance with the GDPR, or

  • the recipient is based in the United States and is certified according to pre-approved rules that comply with the GDPR.

9. Your rights

The privacy policy gives you a number of rights, including the right to access, correct and delete the personal information we have stored about you. You also have the right to take your personal information with you in a machine-readable format (data portability). You also have the right to oppose the processing of personal data and the right to oppose personal profiling and automated decisions. With regard to the requirement for deletion, there is an exception for the information that is necessary for us to be able to deliver our services that you still want to have access to, or it is required by law to store the information for a specific period.

There are some restrictions in these rights, for instance if it necessary for us to comply with our legal obligations. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about this.

We encourage you to use the functionality of our web solution or your browser to correct or change your personal information, as far as possible.

If you believe that we process personal data in violation of the Personal Data Act, you have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Before you do this, we would like you to contact us so that we can answer your questions or clear up any misunderstandings.

10. Changes to the Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement

We may update the privacy policy from time to time. You will be notified of significant changes. You will always find the latest version of our privacy statement on the website.

11. Contact us

If you want to get in touch with us, you can use the following e-mail:

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